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Collier County Condo & Association Management Services

MyTown Communities is your full service management firm.

We are able to handle all aspects of your community. What exactly do we do? The better questions is what do we not do! We are your primary contact for all things related to your community.

Curious what we can do? Below are just SOME of the many services that we provide to our valued clients. See something missing or want more info? Contact us now and we will prepare a custom solution that is unique to you and will fit any budget!

  • Arrange for collection of maintenance fees based on Association’s approved budget.
  • Monitor account receivables and mail out late notices to the owners who are delinquent. Per Association’s Documents and Florida Statutes.
  • Maintain a running daily balance of the Association’s Operating & Reserve accounts.
  • Initiate the collection of delinquent assessments in accordance with the Documents and Florida Statutes (send to attorney for collection per the new 45-day notice rule).
  • Post checks to unit owners accounts.
  • Prepare or arrange for printing of coupon booklets on behalf of the Association.
  • Review and pay all invoices received on behalf of the Association.
  • Monitor Association’s spending to ensure a balanced budget (alert Board members if expenses start to exceed the budgeted amount).
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for distribution to the Board of Directors (on or before the 15th of each month) and distribute to all Board of Directors
  • Site visit of the property if required or requested by the Board of Directors (Quarterly walk around with Board Members, Management Company and Contractor; as required by the Board to identify issue that need addressed and implement appropriate actions). Or put in place a qualified person on site as determined (days and times) by the Board of Directors to work along with Management as an on-site liaison.
  • Secure licensed and insured technicians and/or contractors for repairs and service.
  • Monitor and work with the landscaper to maintain the integrity of the property.
  • Administer and enforce the Association Rules and Regulations as directed by the Board of Directors. Provide copy of violation letters to appropriate Board of Directors.
  • Help establish a procedure for resolving violations and follow through with the adopted fining procedures as defined in an Association’s Documents or Amendment.
  • Prepare and file Annual Corporate Report to the Secretary of State.
  • Prepare and mail correspondence to owners.
  • Prepare and distribute 1st and 2nd Annual Meeting Notices.
  • Obtain competitive bids for services (if project cost is $10,000.00 or 15% over the annual budget).
  • Process all paperwork required for a lease or sale of a unit in accordance with the Association Documents.
  • Draft at Board request and distribute “Newsletters” as predetermined by the Board of Association.
  • Interact with Board Members and Unit Owners.
  • Return all telephone calls by the end of a business day or within 24 hours. (All telephone calls are logged in our CRM software).
  • Prepared 1st proposed budget draft for Board’s consideration (by October 1st).
  • Analyze the Reserve schedule on an annual basis.
  • Meet with the Association’s Insurance Agent to determine proper coverage for the Association.
  • Meet with the Association’s Attorney from time to time when required.
  • Help establish a Hurricane Preparedness Program.
  • Work with Committees on different projects.
  • Prepare Insurance Certification for owner’s mortgage lenders.
  • Assist the Board of Directors in their day to day decision making process, and help establish a five (5) year business plan for the Association.

Financials services are also included in our management package. We pride ourselves in providing top notch financial reporting to the Board of Directors. Our Finance Department is headed by the former Chief Financial Officer of a local multi-million dollar firm. We have established preferred relationships with local banks and we are able to offer services are deeply discounted rates on services, as well preferred rates on reserve accounts. From standard reporting, to detailed ledgers provided on a monthly basis, MyTown is able to deliver! We utilize software that is specifically tailored to community association management with full integration for lockbox payments. Want to pay online? We accept all major credit cards and e-checks directly from our website at NO CHARGE to the association.

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What We Do as Your Collier County HOA/Association Property Manager

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    Quick response to all correspondence. We strive to return call calls no later than the next business day, if not the same day.

  • Reliable Icon


    We handle all of your maintenance issues and concerns. We utilize our in-house team, as well as our extensive network of contractors.

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    We schedule and chair your meeting. From Budget, to Special to Annual, we take care of them all in a professional manner.

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    MyTown coordinates and manages all of your insurance policies to be sure you have the right protection for your Association at the best price.

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    We are able to draft at Boards request and distribute “Newsletters” as predetermined by the Board of Directors to keep all owners updated.

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    We analyze, prepare, and distribute the Association's Annual Budget for consideration and adoption by the Board of Directors.

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    MyTown handles all of the Association's financial needs. From collecting assessments to paying bills, we handle it all with top-notch service.

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    MyTown utilizes advanced software that is custom tailored for the needs of Condominiums and Homeowner Associations.

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